Our VPN Experts

Get to know our VPN thought leaders and digital privacy experts.

  • Simon Migliano

    Simon Migliano

    Head of Research

    Simon conducts our research and investigations into VPN safety and digital privacy.

    His work examining dangerous free VPNs, identity theft, and ISP overblocking have been featured in over 700 publications worldwide including the BBC, CNet, Wired, and The Financial Times.

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  • JP Jones

    JP Jones


    With 25 years of software engineering and networking experience, JP oversees all technical aspects of our VPN testing process to ensure we review VPN software to the highest standard.

    JP developed our global VPN speed testing framework and designing our advanced IP and DNS leak testing methodology.

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  • Callum Tennent

    Callum Tennent

    Site Editor

    Callum leads the Top10VPN editorial team, overseeing all VPN reviews and advice.

    He’s an experienced VPN expert, technology journalist and former product testing professional at Which?. Callum is a passionate digital privacy advocate, and is a member of the IAPP and the EC Council’s Knowledge Review Committee.

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  • Samuel Woodhams

    Samuel Woodhams

    Digital Rights Lead

    Samuel leads our research on censorship, surveillance and internet freedom to help defend internet freedoms around the world.

    His research has been featured by the BBC, Washington Post, Financial Times, and The Guardian.

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